Art Stewart

Art Stewart, MPM

Managing Partner

Art’s perspective has been acquired from thirty years of experience across the spectrum of his profession – including posts in management consulting, corporate communications, media executive management, broadcast journalism, television/film production, public policy market research, and as an award-winning radio documentary and investigative reports producer.

Art Stewart, MPMIn addition to his leadership of SIP, he serves as a Director and Senior Consultant to The Kormac Group as well as a Director and Senior Advisor with Compliance & Ethics Solutions LLC.

Art has experienced his own professional evolution alongside his clients, as together they navigated dramatic change across the global business landscape. He has originated and/or collaborated on groundbreaking industry research and thought leadership as well as business processes and trainings. As an advisor to a diverse range of senior executives and organization leaders, he has provided support during the M&A process, business or industry upheaval, and legal or reputational challenges – in addition to creatively pivoting timely stakeholder issues into public leadership strategies and content platforms.

As Management Consultant
Art has served as Vice President of Corporate Development for a Boston-based management consulting firm focused on sustainable global supply chain transformation for Fortune 500 market leaders. Working with the CEO, he conceptualized, developed and built out a new functional unit for a virtually unknown consultancy. He played a key leadership role in the firm’s turnaround from an unsustainable reliance on 70% of its revenue from few clients to a specialized offerings strategy that redistributed the revenue pull from multiple practices with a dozen new clients. That turnaround led to a doubling of sales in 2014.

Among his other accomplishments, he established the infrastructure, positioning platform and program components for a sophisticated micro-targeted strategy – including differentiated capabilities content that led to an unsolicited inbound inquiry for a $2.45 million engagement within weeks. He was instrumental in conceptualizing the firm’s knowledge management initiative as well as facilitating its strategic planning process. From his creation of a collaboration involving a university think tank and the firm’s procurement team, he drove development of a next-generation supply chain transformation methodology as a competitive breakout strategy that was later embraced and expanded to become the firm’s corporate-wide brand value proposition.

Prior to that opportunity, Art was Founder and President of Stewart Strategies Group LLC, an independent firm that mostly operated out of the vibrant innovation community along Boston’s Route 128 tech beltway. SSG offered analytical, C-suite advisory, strategy development and program implementation services to corporate, nonprofit and public sector organizations in North America and Europe.

SSG was ahead of its time in developing integrated, multi-disciplinary capabilities grounded in robust analysis that redefined and extended the fundamentals of strategic marketing practice into broader organizational contexts. This enabled a more holistic approach to addressing key issues across a client’s enterprise as interdependent factors necessary in achieving the desired business transformation. As a result, over 19 years, the firm attracted like-minded pioneers or disruptive innovators as clients in twenty-plus sectors, including corporations with up to $500M in revenue. He established a track record for exceptional quality, rapid response service, and consistently renewing relationships premised upon the customizing of solutions to meet changing client needs. Despite three recessions, the firm consistently grew its year-to-year revenue and frequently competed to win business over larger marquee firms.

Early on in his career, Art held posts with New England’s third-largest communications agency Mullen – assigned to their largest PR account, Hewlett-Packard Medical Products Group (then the world’s largest healthcare IT/medical device manufacturer) as well as Sheldon Adelson’s The Interface Group – a conference industry leader and creator of COMDEX, the largest technology event in the world. He also served in Account Management roles for two of New England’s largest television/film/multi-media production companies, one of which became the Boston acquisition of Jack Morton Productions.

As Educator, Trainer and Facilitator
With his long history as a trusted advisor to senior business executives, public leaders and their leadership teams, Art has led a range of organizational development facilitations. As an educator, he researched and developed a multi-level curriculum and content platform on the “New Responsibility Paradigm” – launching the undergraduate edition at Emerson College.  Art was also one of only five faculty members at Emerson invited to teach a visiting delegation in a summer residency from the Communications University of China.

He continues to hold an honorary role as a Research Fellow at the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University, where he was invited to join a vetted community of the leading academics and professional practitioners partnering with an organization that pioneered contemporary ethics studies and launched the ECOA (Ethics and Compliance Officer Association).

As Futurist, Speaker and Writer
Art writes and speaks on how contemporary political, cultural, economic, and sociological dynamics are transforming the role of both business and institutions in solving society’s most significant global challenges. He wrote a bi-monthly blog column for the Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) which was distributed to organization leaders globally – and his post on Strategic Thinking and Change Strategy was cited as #3 in the “Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts” in the family of CRA bloggers for 2014.

He earned a mid-career Master’s in Policy Management from Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, a postgraduate certificate in Senior Executive Leadership also from Georgetown, an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College, and has completed “Dealing with an Angry Public,” with the MIT-Harvard Law School Public Disputes and Negotiation Program. Among his various volunteer commitments, Art serves on the Board of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) Mid-Atlantic region as well as the Carillon Commission for the National Carillon of Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge.

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