Lead, Influence, Transform

Strategic Impact Partners works with smart and ambitious organizations to help them perfect and accelerate their growth strategies, redefine and transform their markets, secure new competitive opportunities, and transition their enterprises for sustainable leadership.

If you are a business owner, organization leader, on a senior executive team or Board member, we’re ready to help you address your most complex competitive challenges to enable the creation of new and accelerated value.

Our team operates with a respect for “the urgency of now”. We are strategic, multidisciplinary and pragmatically disruptive.

Known for successfully regenerating the often under-utilized assets in a client’s arsenal, particularly intellectual property, we create go-to-market programs that build more durable and competitively differentiated advantage. Our unique framework overlays the principles of Strategic Value Creation with new consciousness thinking on leadership, organization culture, human capital enablement and consequential change to achieve a Strategic Value Advantage. Engaging with us will produce measurable improvements resulting in immediate and long-term strategic impact.

Transformation of your top line:
  • Compression of your sales cycle
  • Improved closing ratios
  • Lower cost of new customer-client acquisition
  • Seamless progression of existing customer-client relationships on a continuum
  • More sustainable customer-client relationships
Strengthening of your core:
  • Increased process productivity and efficiency
  • Empowered and mobilized employees
  • More dynamic stakeholder engagement
  • Differentiated brand leadership
  • More resilient reputational equity
  • Enhanced corporate valuation

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Continuous Loop or a New Path?
One of the most important things we can do for you is to simplify and bring clarity to the complex issues, concepts and organization dynamics you may be encountering by uncovering the unanticipated upside in your business challenges. Then we respond with creative initiative that strengthens your capabilities for change and growth via new approaches to leadership, risk management and the pursuit of profitable opportunity.

SIP is particularly comfortable working with innovation companies, disruptive market leaders and technology developers, as well as values-driven entities. Our team also offers extensive experience developing breakthrough growth strategies for the full range of professional services organizations.

From our collective experience across some 25 industries and 30 years of leadership roles in many contexts, we bring a deep understanding of progressive business practices that next-generation organizations have deployed to achieve distinction and market transformation.

Ask yourself: “Do we want to spend time, money and human capital resources trapped in a continuous loop of frenetic push and pull activities in response to others? Or do we want to clear a new path that attracts more of the right clients and shifts our market position to where competitors scramble to respond?”

Bottom line: Our analytical and strategic firepower is equally matched by our execution capabilities. We get it done.