Five Step Process

The Five-Step Process for Value Development and Acceleration

A Custom Program for the Unique Context of Privately, Closely-Held or Family Owned and Operated Businesses

To win in today’s opportunistic economy you need options. That requires investing in the necessary transformational activities that will lead to optimization of both the hard and soft assets that drive improvements in real valuation – and what the marketplace determines is substantiated value.

Like many leaders, you may have become reliant on approaches that were once effective but have reached the end of their lifecycle or worse, are now painfully obsolete and producing fluctuations in performance and results. Perhaps you are realizing too, that you are missing out on the growth and profit upside of your hard work – feeling that your organization is exposed to increasingly unmanageable waves of upheaval and inconsistency.

You are not alone. Many executives report being overwhelmed nowadays by too much complexity and are handicapped by a lack of visibility across their enterprise. Their leadership teams may have fallen prey to faulty assumptions about risk and misdirected investments in go-to-market activities that are undistinguished and imprecise.

Value gaps in companies get created from underperformance in any number of areas – such as a failure to utilize the full potential of key assets – in addition to poor alignment between execution of the strategic vision and the expectations for delivery and fulfillment held by an array of stakeholders. On average, these value gaps can equal as much as a fourth of an organization’s total potential market value.

That’s a lot of opportunity to leave on the table!

Achieving Strategic Value for a Breadth of Reliable Options
As a business owner and executive leader, you’re naturally motivated to ensure that every aspect of your organization is focused on continuous enhancement to your overall value profile. Regardless of the challenges involved in maintaining your operational competitiveness, you may have achieved revenue performance and other successes that have you convinced your firm’s current condition could support any number of equity transactions.

Not so fast.

There can often be a big difference between what your internal indicators project as value – and what external parties will determine through their due diligence as they calculate the whole value profile of your company and its suitability for a range of transactions.

Here is where our bench of experts can help get you over the goal line.

Our multi-step process was created specifically for owner operators who want to better position their company for acting on a wider, more dependable range of growth and development options – especially if those options include a high (or higher) value equity or recapitalization event within the next 2-5 years.

Taking measures to improve and fortify your value profile from the perspective of a potential buyer and/or investor also produces a better managed organization. By innovating your approaches to growth and development – including addressing the blockages to asset optimization and operations enhancements – you can significantly reduce your risk conditions while strengthening the competitive capabilities and brand differentiation needed for securing an eventual optimized value event.

The SIP-SSP team has executed more than 60 moderate to high value transactions. We can move you beyond a forward-thinking mode to the more consequential position of being innately forward-operating.

Our Five Step Process produces findings that will spotlight specific operational areas requiring performance improvement, empowering you with razor sharp focus to transform existing situations, conditions and enterprise components in order to achieve a Strategic Value Advantage.

These Value Development and Acceleration capabilities are both advisory as well as developmental and tactical (execution). They often encompass integration with the other essential optimization and organizational change initiatives we offer.

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