Master Your Next Horizon

Managing “change” has become almost cliché in today’s environment. Except when you hear futurists predict that in the next 25 years, organization leaders are likely to experience the equivalent of 100 calendar years of change!

By any measure, that’s a lot of transformation to absorb.

We’re in the middle of a prolonged period of testing, learning and adapting that is faster than the ability people have to assimilate it. Sustaining the competitive viability and mission impact of an organization now requires new models in key areas – from leadership and governance, operations and the global supply chain to human capital, innovation, organization culture and external stakeholder engagement.

SIP facilitators and trainers guide our client leaders and their teams in abandoning the old, out-dated ways of thinking and doing to master today’s results-oriented approach of purpose-driven value creation.

We support your evolution to greater confidence in the transformation of your organization. You become better enabled, individually and collectively, to achieve your short and long-term development goals. For our view of the next horizon, please read our CRA blog article: “The Widening Divide to Transforming Business Value“.

Optimize Your Capabilities, Empower Your People, Transform Your Enterprise
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Board of Directors/Advisory Board Retreats
  • Leadership Team Huddles
  • Readiness Training
  • Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues or Community Forums
  • Issue Forums
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Instructional Programs
  • Corporate Education Programs (Internal and External)
  • On- or Off-Site
  • In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid
  • Video, Audio, Online
  • Full Curricula – Instructional Guides, Training Manuals,
    Curriculum Texts
  • Mapping Documents, Strategic Plans, Research Reports,
    White Papers

Facilitations and Trainings Experience
  • Planning for Organizational Growth Initiatives
  • Knowledge Transfer Readiness
  • Brainstorming a New Product or Service
  • Conducting Ideation Sessions for a New Methodology
  • Implementing a New Policy or Process
  • Conducting a Crisis Intervention or Reconciliation Dialogue
  • Holding Stakeholder or Community Conversations
  • Addressing Supply Chain Transformation Issues
  • Procurement Team Optimization
  • Developing Your Competitive Messaging
  • Crafting Your Brand Story or Corporate Narrative
  • Developing New Content or a Curriculum
Art Stewart Facilitations and Training