Growth Strategy and Value Development

Strategic Analysis and Roadmap Navigation
Clarify your vision, purpose and desired outcomes

  • SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) Analysis
  • Target Markets Qualification, Definition and Segmentation
  • Assessment of the Psycho-Socio-Political-Cultural-Economic Context
  • Analysis of the Policy, Political and Commerce Issue Dynamics
  • Competitive Assets Inventory
    Product, Service, Knowledge and Intelligence, Technology
  • New Revenue Opportunities Discovery

Growth Strategy Formation and Development
Master your competitive landscape and increase demand from more qualified leads

  • Actionable Strategic, Marketing and Organizational Development Plans
  • Front-End Maturity: Business Development Operations
    Advanced Demand and Lead Generation Techniques
  • Program Infrastructure and Process Development
  • Technology Due Diligence
    Acquisition, Implementation, Integration
    Process Automation
  • Option Planning and Value Maturity
    Organic or M&A-led Growth, Diversification, Liquidity and/or Exit
    Post-Merger Integration
    Business Model Design
  • Asset and Business Value Alignment
    Real Business Value with Desired Market Response

Mapping for Clarity
Acquire a peripheral view and reduce the complexity of your networks

  • Stakeholders
  • Psycho-Socio-Political-Cultural-Economic Market Dynamics
  • Supply-Value Chain Universe
    Strategic Sourcing Business Unit Model and Functionality
    Risk Indicators
  • Corporate Responsibility-Sustainability Imperatives and Operations Functionality
  • Human Capital Brain Trust

Market Development and Value Acceleration

Optimization of Your Intellectual Property
Exploit your unique hidden or underutilized assets

  • Conceptualization and Development of Educational or Training Curriculum and Platforms
  • Creation of Sophisticated and Impactful Business Content
  • Development of Publishing Operations Model
  • Competitive Differentiation Strategies
    Program Marketing and Merchandising Initiatives
  • IP Productization
    Commercialization Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Campaigns

Differentiated and Market-Defining Thought Leadership
Challenge entrenched assumptions, re-cast what’s possible and build domain ownership

  • Leadership Positioning Platforms (Full Range of Industry and Competitive Contexts)
    Honing Your Unique Voice
  • Results-Enabling Messaging Content
    Messaging Architecture
  • Alignment of Leadership Intent with Behavior
  • Development of the Touch Point Strategy

Consequential Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
Attract the right resources for growth; build coalitions for influence and leadership

  • End-to-End Management
    Research and Qualification, Recruitment and Negotiation, Partnership Agreements, Integration Strategy
  • Venture Capital or R&D Partnerships
    Partner/Investor Qualification and Acquisition
    Investor Acquisition Strategy
  • Pitch Design; Content/Business Case Development; Presentation Coaching

The “Word Painter” – Evidence-Based Messaging Strategies
Control the conversation with facts and evidence; neutralize ‘alternative truth’ opposition; inspire engagement with your agenda

  • What’s Your Point? The Messaging Makeover
    Opposition Strategies for Post-Truth and Alternative Facts Attacks
  • Brand Storytelling
    Develop Your Unique Narrative
  • The Spectrum of Marketing and Communications Tools
    Digital, Virtual, Mobile
  • Social Media Platform Development

Conscious Leadership, Governance and Culture

Achieve Executive Leadership Impact and Effectiveness
Unleash your potential for greater impact; sharpen your ability to manifest change

  • C-Suite Advisory Perspective/Counseling
    Decision Support: Strategies for Internal or External Issues (Situational or Ongoing)
  • Leadership Competency and Skills Assessment
    Cultivating Authentic Influence
  • Strategy Formation and Implementation
    Conscious Leadership and Culture, Human Capital Dynamics and Business Effectiveness
  • Development of Public Leadership Content and Platforms

Reconstituting Your Governance for Greater Impact
Empower your directors and advisors as catalysts for value acceleration

  • Board of Directors and Advisory Boards
    Governing Vision, Strategy and Policy, Bylaws; Candidate Recruitment; Operational Integration
    Conscious Leadership Development

Business or Organizational Transformation

Development, Facilitation and Fulfillment of Change Management Initiatives
Become more opportunity oriented, master uncertainty and re-shape the environment for success

  • Situation Analysis
    Validation of the Change Imperatives
  • Crafting of the Change Agenda and Action Plan
    Values, Purpose and Mission; Leadership and Management; Culture and Organization; Operations and Performance Outcomes
  • Change Leadership
    Executing the Transformation
  • Mapping the Integration Strategy

Build Equity from Your Responsible Business and Sustainability Initiatives
Implement purpose-driven innovations for new value creation and competitive differentiation

  • Social Impact and Corporate Responsibility Strategy
    Social Impact Auditing
  • Leadership/Competitive Risk Profile and Assessment
  • Strategies for Risk Mitigation and Management
    Key Risk Indicators (KRI) Evaluation
    Development and Utilization of
    Maturity Indices
  • Next-Generation Responsible Supply Chain Practices
    Policies, Strategies, People, Business Models, Processes and Infrastructure
    Mastering the New MSAs and SLAs
  • Roadmap for Change Integration and Management
    Action Plan, Partnerships and Collaborations, Compliance and Legal, Operations, Marketing
  • Program Planning: Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Initiatives

Facilitations and Trainings

Optimize Your Capabilities, Empower Your People, Transform Your Enterprise
Leverage a breadth of facilitation and training capabilities to achieve more meaningful outcomes

  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Board of Directors/Advisory Board Retreats
  • Leadership Team Huddles
  • Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues or Community Forums
  • Issue Forums
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Instructional Programs